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Jr. Chapter Conducting

 Students participating in the Jr. Chapter Conducting Contest must be 1st year high school FFA Members (Greenhands).

Team members must be in Official FFA Dress.

Teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the use of correct parliamentary procedures.  At the conclusion of the meeting, team members are asked questions regarding parliamentary law.

The following is a list of the Texas FFA rules regarding the contest.


1. Any member who has formerly participated on a first place senior chapter conducting team on a state level is not eligible. Members of the first place team in greenhand chapter conducting are allowed to return in senior chapter conducting.

 2. References:

a. Opening and closing ceremonies, the current edition of the Official FFA Manual.

b. Parliamentary problems will be taken from Gray's Parliamentary Guide for FFA.

         c. Questions following parliamentary problems will be taken from Questions and Answers from
            Jarrell D. Gray's Parliamentary Guide for FFA


 3. Each team in the event shall be limited to twenty minutes. (Penalty for excessive time shall be 10 points per minute or major fraction thereof.) A major fraction of a minute is defined as "31 seconds."

 Each greenhand team shall have five minutes before the event starts to study the parliamentary problems listed under new business. Study period for senior teams is three minutes. Team members are not to converse with each other during the study period. The study periods are not to be a part of the twenty minutes set for theevent. There are no restrictions on further study of the parliamentary problems by individuals.

4. Each team shall consist of not more than ten nor fewer than seven members (including the advisor) without penalty.

5. The person serving as the advisor is limited in participation to opening and closing ceremonies only.

6. Ten parliamentary questions will be used, but not more than two questions will be asked any member. Each member shall be asked at least one question except the student advisor. The time used for questions is not a part of the 20-minute time limit.

7. The president is to sign minutes but signing of the committee and officer reports is optional.

8. The "Orders of the Day" and questions pertaining to the Orders of the Day will not be used in the event.

9. A motion to adjourn does not eliminate any of the closing ceremony.

10. Visitors will not be permitted on the state level. The advisor may sit in during the performance of his/her team.

11. Parliamentary problems and parliamentary questions will be different in Greenhand and Chapter FFA divisions.

12. Students will not be penalized for calling "question".

13. Only Sam Houston State University will be allowed to furnish station markers. Gavels will be furnished by each chapter participating.












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