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Jr. Creed Speaking
 Students participating in the Jr. Creed Speaking Contest must be a freshman high school FFA Member.

Participants must be in Official FFA Dress.

A member presents the FFA Creed from memory and answers questions about its meaning and purpose.  This event is just one way to boost self-confidence, earn recognition, and develop powerful, organized and professional communication skills.

The following is a list of the Texas FFA rules regarding the contest.

1. This event will be open to the public. Applause shall be held until all participants have


2. Contestants will be sequestered in a designated holding area at the start of the event and may not exit prior to competing without a monitor. Students not in the holding room at the start time for the first speaker will be penalized 300 points (equivalent of points available for response to questions), yet allowed to compete. Advisors or other involved parties may not enter the room or contact the student once the event has commenced. Students competing in another event MUST be accompanied by an SHSU escort and the event superintendent must be notified of the need for an escort prior to the day of competition.

3. The event will include both an oral presentation as well as answering questions directly

related to the Creed.

4. Members will present the FFA Creed from the current year's Official FFA Manual.

5. The event will be a timed activity with four minutes for presentation. After four minutes, contestant will be deducted 1 point for every second over set time.

6. The event will include oral questions. There will be a maximum of three questions per

contestant with a time limit of five minutes. The same questions will be asked to all

contestants. These questions will be thought-type questions directly related to the Creed.

Two part questions should be avoided.

7. No props are to be used.

8. Each contestant must recite the FFA Creed from memory. Each contestant shall begin the presentation by stating. "The FFA Creed by E. M. Tiffany." Each contestant shall end the presentation with the statement, "... that inspiring task. Thank you." Any other words

spoken as part of an introduction or conclusion shall be assessed a penalty deduction of

twenty (20) points per word. Point deductions will only be taken after the judges indicate,

“You may begin.”

9. At the time of the event, the judges will be seated in different sections of the room in

which the event is held. They will score each participant on the delivery of the Creed,

using the score sheet provided.

10. No picture taking or videotaping of events shall be permitted.


Ties will first be broken by total net scores and then by the score for answer to the questions.


The Greenhand Creed Speaking Event will be limited to students in grades 7, 8, or 9.

Reference: Current year's Official FFA Manual



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