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Job Interview
Students participating in the FFA Job Interview Contest can be any high school FFA Member.

Participants must be in Official FFA Dress.

At the competition, each member submits their resume, completes a job application for an agricultural position on site and participates in an interview via telephone, in person one-on-one and with a panel of possible employers. 


***State winning individual advances to National competition that is held during the National FFA Convention the end of October

The following is a list of the Texas FFA rules regarding the contest.

The purpose of the FFA Job Interview Event is designed for FFA members to develop, practice and demonstrate skills needed in seeking employment in the agricultural industry. Each part of the event simulates “real world” activities that will be used by real world employers.


The contest site will provide all equipment and paper necessary, except writing pens.

The event is developed to help participants in their current job search (for SAE projects, parttime

and full-time employment). Therefore, the cover letter, resume and references submitted

by the participants must reflect their current skills and abilities and must be targeted to a job for

which they would like to apply. In other words, participants cannot develop a fictitious resume

for a fictitious job. Instead, they are expected to target the resume towards a real job for which

they are qualified.

There are six [6] sections to this event: 1) Cover Letter; 2) Resume; 3) Application: 4)

Telephone Interview; 5) Personal Interview; and, 6) Follow Up Letter.


1. This event is limited to one member per chapter.

2. All cover letters, resumes and letters of recommendation must be submitted to contest

officials at Sam Houston State University, arriving no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday

preceding the state events. A double entry fee will be assessed for late materials or for

sending fewer copies of all aforementioned documents than specified in the rules. The

address listed below is the regular mailing address. Use the physical address to the right

for couriers other than the U.S. Postal Service (UPS, FedEx, etc.)

State FFA LDE’s

Attn: Dwayne Pavelock

Department of Agricultural Sciences

Sam Houston State University

Box 2088 1831 University Avenue—THOM 222

Huntsville, TX 77341 Huntsville, TX 77340

Each contestant will submit five (5) sets of materials, with each set including a cover letter, a resume and three (3) different letters of recommendation. Each set will be arranged in the following order; 1) Cover letter; 2) Resume, and; 3) Three letters of recommendation.  These papers should be stapled together in the upper left hand corner and have no binding, folder or cover page. Materials will be scored by independent (business and industry) judges who are not a part of the onsite interview portions of the event. Scores assessed for the preliminary round (heats) will be applied to the final round without reassessment of materials.

3. Cover Letter –

          a. The contestants must submit five (5) copies of a single-spaced letter of intent

              [cover letter] using 8½” x 11” white paper.

b. The paper is to be single-sided only, typed using 10-point Times New Roman fontand block justified.

c. The letter is to be addressed to Doug Ullrich, Superintendent, Job Interview LDE and dated for the day of the     
    event. The following address should be used: P.O. Box 2088, Huntsville, Texas 77341.

4. Resume -
        a. The contestants must submit five (5) copies of a single-spaced resume using 8½” x 11” white paper.

        b. The resume is to be single-sided only, typed and not to exceed two pages total.

        c. The resume must be non-fictitious and based upon their work and educational


        d. Three different letters of reference are to be submitted. Five (5) copies of each

            letter of reference are required.

5. Application –
a. Contestants will complete a Standard State of Texas Job Application on-site, prior to the personal 
            interview.     Contestants may use their resume to complete the
application. To view this application visit the 
            Texas Workforce Commission
website at:

        b. The application completion will last a maximum of ten (10) minutes.

        c. Pens must be provided by the contestant.

        d. Paper will be provided by the contest site.

6. Telephone Interviewa.

        a. Contestants will interview with one of the following three (3) people:

    i. Human, Fiscal and Resource personnel director

    ii. Employer’s Assistant

    iii. Employer

        b. The telephone interview will last a maximum of three (3) minutes.    
        c. Contestants are to position themselves so that they obtain a personal interview with the employer.

        d. Contestants should interview with the thought that the company has already

            received their cover letter, resume and three letters of reference.

        e. Judges will initiate the telephone interview.

        f. One of the judges will be designated as the interviewer.

        g. All judges will evaluate the telephone interview individually.

7. Personal Interview –

        a. The personal interview will consist of an interview in front of a panel of judges.

        b. Each interview will last a maximum of ten (10) minutes.

        c. All judges should ask questions during the personal interview.

        d. Contestants may bring a copy of their submitted resume and cover letter or

            business cards to the interview. They may not bring any other supporting

            documents such as work samples, pictures or a portfolio.

8. Follow-Up Lettera.

        a. Contestants will submit a follow-up letter after the interview.
        b. The letter should be addressed to the Superintendent of the Job Interview Event and dated for the day of the
             event. The following address should be used: PO Box 2088, Huntsville, Texas 77341. Lined white paper will be

        c. The letter should be a response to their interview.

        d. The contestant will have five (5) minutes to complete the follow-up letter.

9. Official dress is required.

10. This contest is not open to the public.


In the event of a tie the ranks of the contestants personal interview will be utilized to break the tie. If further tiebreakers are necessary the following should be used in order: 1)

Telephone Interview; 2) Follow-Up Letter; 3) Application; 4) Resume; 5) Cover Letter; 6) Match.



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