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Public Relations

 Students participating in the FFA Public Relations Contest can be any high school FFA Member.

Team members must be in Official FFA Dress.

A team of between two and four FFA members develops and presents a 5-8 minute program to inform a specified target audience regarding the Texas FFA and what it represents. The presentation is developed assuming that the target audience has no knowledge of the FFA.  Team members are asked questions in response to their program following the presentation.

The following is a list of the Texas FFA rules regarding the contest.

Teams will consist of 2 to 4 members and all members must be FFA members from the same local chapter.


The Texas FFA Public Relations Team’s presentation before the judging committee during the state competition will be based on the following scenario:

1. Each presentation will be 5 to 8 minutes in length. During that time period, team members should inform and involve a designated target audience regarding the local chapter and the FFA organization and what it represents. The team should assume that the judging committee is the designated target audience and they have no knowledge of the FFA.*

2. Electronic devices may be used during the presentation. Judges should not discriminate

against teams that do not use electronic devices during the presentation. The presentations should be designed to be viewed by the judges. The audience at-large is not a concern of the presenters.

3. All team members should participate equally.

4. Teams MUST wear official dress, not costumes, before the judges.

5. Team will be penalized for any discrepancy in time at the rate of one point per second over or under the time limit.

6. This is a team effort so teams are encouraged to interact and participate equally.


8. Team members are to retain their individuality and not assume false characterizations.

9. No picture taking or videotaping of events shall be permitted.


At the conclusion of the presentation, questions will be asked. Questions asked during this interview will include questions about the presentation and the FFA. A 20 question bank shall be developed annually by the Executive Director of the Texas FFA, in consultation with event officials at SHSU. The question bank shall be appropriate for the target audience of the current year and be prepared and made available on or before September 1 of the current year. Due to time constraints, each judge will ask only one or two questions. That question should be directed to a specific team member. Subsequent questions should be directed alternately so that all team members have the opportunity to respond to multiple questions.

Judges will evaluate the responses to all questions.

Each team's time for presentation and questions will last no more than 13 minutes.

The questions segment is limited to 5 minutes in length.


* The target audience for this event is changed each year. 2008: Student-parent orientation, 2009: Business and Industry Representatives, 2010: 8th grade students, 2011: School Board, 2012: Community service organization























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